FQ: Financial Intelligence

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Henry A. Daas, Jr.

Henry is a serial entrepreneur, business coach, screenwriter, and self-described 'ordinary guy'. And now personal finance coach! Born in Brooklyn at the tail end of the Eisenhower years, he has lived his entire life in and around NYC. He has lived his life in and around money, as well - from cutting lawns as a kid to managing a stock portfolio as an adult. And everything in between. FQ is the culmination of his six decades of financial knowledge and experience.

It's important to recognize that being rich and having a lot of money are two very different things. Only you can make a determination. If you love your life, your family, your work - even if you don't earn much - you are already rich; you just won't ever have the money to show for it. Or will you?

The Book

Read my debut book to learn everything you need to know about money from your first savings bond to your last will and testament. 

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